Circular Materiality

Designer: Renee Noortman – TU/e
Coach: Saskia Bakker
Stakeholders: Lewis Just and Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature Network)


ECO Village

Can speculative scenarios help us gain empathy for future generations?

The ECO Village project arose from a collaboration with Next Nature Network and their ECO Coin initiative. This interactive illustration of a future scenario aims to help people gain insight into the impact of their own sustainable behaviors 5, 10, or 15 years from now. People often stop performing environmentally friendly behaviors when they do not see a direct impact. As a fictional future village that develops in response to specific behaviors performed (such as cycling to work, using a reusable water bottle or eating vegetarian lunches), ECO Village seeks to clearly illustrate positive outcomes. Scanning this model with a VR application gives additional information about how a user’s everyday actions impact the environment and what this would mean for individuals living in the future scenario.