Circular Materiality

Designer: Jef Montes – WUR
Coach: dr. Kim Poldner
Stakeholders: Studio Adaptive Skins, Re-FREAM


How can we push the boundaries of radical slow fashion?

Inspired by the complex entanglement of the sea and plastic pollution, the focus of Marinero is to create an architectural blueprint of a garment that transforms organically over the course of time due to different meteorological conditions. The blueprint is one woven square, created with a preprogrammed weaving pattern. The weavings have a main chain of vertical nylon threads and horizontal integrated threads made of shrinking yarns, seaweeds, and other sea materials. The contrast of these threads causes friction and results in the evolution of dynamic shapes during different meteorological conditions such as rain, heavy wind or drought. As an adaptive, evolving garment pattern, Marinero demonstrates just how innovative slow fashion can be.