Circular Materiality

Fabienne Crans – TU/e

Coach: Kristina Andersen

Stakeholders: Signify (3printed the polycarbonate prototype) – NYVIDD (for providing the fishleather)


How do notions of product ownership impact the environment?

Myshell is a personalized speaker with a soft sound that creates a moment of comfort, enhanced by the interaction which is close to your ear. This project developed as an investigation into ownership and sustainability. One proposed way to cut down on environmental costs of production is a world descending from the sharing economy of collectively owned products and services. Myshell arose as a counterpoint to this vision of the future, looking instead to the concept of emotional durability, or the qualities that make a single product last over a long period of time. With a peaceful aesthetic of both personalized and timeworn materials, Myshell explores how lasting emotional durability might impact interior product design.