Critical Changes

Designer: Deniz Söğütlü – TU Delft
Prof. Pieter Desmet (TUDelft) , Prof. Anna Meroni (Politecnico di Milano)


Designing Emotions That Last

Can our emotional relationships with our products impact sustainability?

This design research project is an in-depth study on addressing the hyperconsumption of physical products by intervening in the emotional relationships we have with those products. A series of experimental design probes was created based on literature review and co-creative methods, with each probe exploring one of eight different qualities found to promote lasting emotional attachment to a product. Linking psychological research on ‘hedonic adaptation’ to our tendency to quickly discard functioning devices in favor of new ones, this project revisits work by Jonathan Chapman, Ed Van Hinte, and Donald Norman, translating some of their fundamental concepts into tangible and testable research artifacts.