Critical Changes

Designer: Emma van Zoelen – TU/e
Coach: Matthias Rauterberg
Stakeholder: Tessa Verhoef, Creative Intelligence Lab, Leiden University



Mutual Understanding for Human-Machine Collaboration

How will we collaborate with non-human intelligences?

As intelligent and adaptive systems gain more autonomy, they take over more responsibilities of people. Yet many aspects of complex task flows are still best performed by a human, meaning we’ll need to learn how to work together with non-human actors. In order to collaborate well, humans and machines, or ‘agents’ as they are referred to in AI research, must have nuanced ways to communicate. What if their objectives clash or come into tension? How can they negotiate shared decisions? This advanced design research project sets out to question the complex dynamics of human-machine interaction currently emerging in the growing AI field, asking what it will take to create more shared understandings.