Critical Changes

Designer: Yu-Ting Cheng – TU/e
Mathias Funk, Rung Huei Liang, Lin-Lin Chen

Peeking the Everyday: Peekaboo Camera

How can we design for the moving target of privacy?

There is a tension in our lives between struggling against surveillance culture, and yet simultaneously welcoming it into our lives in the form of our phones, connected devices, and always-on products like Amazon’s Alexa. The Peekaboo camera is a hybrid design product and design probe developed as a research tool both to study people’s everyday lives and to explore the complexity of our relationship with privacy. As an “honest” surveillance camera, the Peekaboo is programmed to explore different behaviors along a spectrum of privacy-respecting options, such as only taking a picture of the home when it detects no humans are present, or raising a red warning flag when it’s about to take a picture. Where is the line between the value of data collection and giving space for privacy?