Evolving Cityscapes

Designer: Tirza Izelaar, Hannah Goss, Ileana Diaz Couder Breceda – TU Delft
Coach: Pieter Desmet, Marise Schot, Tomasz Jaskiewicz 

Blip: A Momentary Deviation

How can we enhance subjective well-being?

We tend to move through our increasingly scheduled days without taking a moment to reflect or engage in activities that bring us happiness. What if we could be pulled into momentary happiness in an unexpected setting, experiencing a small, temporary deviation from our daily flow to be fully engaged and present for a moment? Engaging in this type of momentary happiness could lead to improved subjective well-being. In Blip: A Momentary Deviation, a series of hanging balls each have their own personality that can be explored through movement. Familiarity, connection, nostalgia, surprise, creation, reflection, beauty, and simplicity are our ingredients for unexpected happiness, what are yours?