Evolving Cityscapes

Anouk Geenen, Julieta Matos Castaño, Mascha van der Voort, Peter Paul Verbeek – UTwente
s: Michiel de Lange, Corelia Baibarac-Duignan
Stakeholders: NWO project “Designing for controversies in responsible smart cities” (Gemeente Amersfoort, Marxman Advocaten, Future City Foundation, DIG, Aerovision)

Journalist of the Future City

How can we best prepare to imagine and create our futures?

This collaborative project is an imagination game for triggering thought-provoking ideas on how urban life might change as a result of the introduction of a new technology in the city. Players each draw four cards from the card dec and then create a provocative short story based on the content of the cards. This exhibition is in part a design research experiment. The results will inform continued research on how to equip people for future-making activities, and how citizens anticipate value changes in the smart city context. Visitors are invited to play.