Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Francesco de Fazio, Krishna Thiruvengadam Rajagopal, Gerianne Boer, Jan Sebastian van Ackeren, Linde de Jonge, Julieta Bolanos Arriola – TU Delft
Experts: Dr. Ir. J.C. Diehl (Design expert), Ir. T.E. Agbana (Optical expert), Dr. S. Patlan (Optical expert), Ing. F. van Pul (Medical Expert), Vinay Bhajantri (Design expert) and Karthik Mahadevan (Design expert), OSMD Optical Smart Malaria Diagnostics

Excelscope 2.0

Can low-cost edits to healthcare processes improve disease outcomes?

This low-cost malaria detection device reduces the workload of medical staff in developing countries while increasing the accuracy and decreasing the cost of diagnoses. Based on research performed by OSMD and TU Delft, the Excelscope automates analysis of blood samples for malaria, using its ball-lens to magnify blood samples, capturing multiple fields of view within a blood sample with its smartphone camera, and then utilizing an algorithm to accurately determine the number of parasites present. While other algorithms in existence often rely on professional microscopes, and while cheap microscopes usually require a component of manual labour, Excelscope is a uniquely integrated detection device, including a fully-automated 3-axis moving system.