Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Lei Nelissen, Stijn Oude Lenferink, Axel van Boxtel – TU/e
Coaches: Joep Frens (TU/e), Lenneke Kuijer (TU/e)
Stakeholder: Geert Doorlag (Auping)

Neru: Getting up Healthy

How can tranquil feedback improve our health routines?

Attention is one of the most important currencies of the 21st century. It is the basis of many digital business models. Yet it is becoming evident when we go to bed too late and emotionally drained that the needs of the user are not always at the center of attention-demanding services. Neru provides a way to create and maintain a healthy bedtime routine, giving an initial trigger and guiding the user through their evening routine. It taps into unwinding techniques in order to reduce stress and anxiety, eases the transition from wakefulness into sleep, and cultivates a sense of balance and well-being. As a connected ecosystem consisting of a portable hourglass and multiple docking stations, Neru is with you during your routine, communicating with other IoT devices and creating a supportive environment in which bedtime becomes the main focus.