Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Michelle Sudjito, Anouk de Graaf, Connor Stork, Niels Kadijk, Sanne Metten, Anna van der Linden, Timo Petersen, Kai Ferdelman – UTwente
Coaches: Robby van Delden, Dennis Reidsma


How can we make play more fun and fair for users with different needs?

This project began with the vision of creating a social game which is playable by everyone, including people with visual impairment. While there are many high-energy reaction games available, most are not playable by non-sighted or partially-sighted users as the feedback that players must react to often comes in a visual form. The game of OMNI does not involve sight, but instead gives feedback for players to react to in the form of different vibrations. Therefore, the game can be played by both sighted and visually impaired people, increasing interaction and connection.