Fostering Well-Being

Designer: Thijs te Velde – TU Delft
Coaches: Pieter Desmet and Rebecca Price
Stakeholders: Visio, Margot Scheltema.

Positive White Cane

How can we positively serve communities with different needs?

Most products that visually impaired people use on a day-to-day basis are modified versions of products designed for sighted people. This project was inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of visually impaired or partially sighted communities. The customizable cane incorporates a connected handle, which can be outfitted with modules developed in collaboration with non-sighted users by independent developers, health professionals, and organizations such as Visio. Since it also functions as a data gathering device, the connected cane helps professional ergo-therapists and city planners in their efforts to make the world more accessible for all.