Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Stella Boess, Lorenzo Romagnoli, Dolma Tsundu – TU Delft
Stakeholders: Christiaan Uythoven (DIO agency), Dr. Gerald Kraan (Reinier de Graaf hospital)

See My Wrist

How can we support long-term medical routines?

Wrist instability is a long-term condition with a high level of adherence challenges for patients. In this project, a 10 month research investigation in collaboration with the orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gerald Kraan and the digital behavior change agency DIO, gameful methods of wrist instability exercises were explored and tested with patients. The design is a set of wrist-worn sensors which, combined with online feedback, enable patients to both keep count of their exercise repetitions and know whether they are doing the exercises right, addressing two key challenges that emerged out of research with wrist instability patients.