Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Tim Velthuis, Jelle van Dijk – UTwente
Stakeholders: Karakter Centre for Child and Youth Psychiatry, Panton

With thanks to: Jiska, all participants, Heddeke Snoek, Mieke Boon, Joris Swaak and Michelle Temminghoff.


How can we use databases available to us to design empowering interactions?

Many people on the autism spectrum experience anxieties about new or unknown places, which can have a big impact on their daily lives. Unfold is a concept that specifically targets young adults with agoraphobia to help them develop more independence in part by “previewing” unknown spaces through a connected device. By facilitating a more accessible way of exploring new places, Unfold motivates users to expand the area that they feel comfortable in. Design decisions were derived from an in-depth co-design process featuring multiple sessions with an autistic individual in collaboration with the design agency Panton and the child and youth psychiatric center Karakter.