Fostering Well-Being

Designers: Geke Ludden, Lara Siering, Angelika Mader, Toms Bernhards, Hellen van Rees, Eliza Bottenberg, Boony Thio, Pascal Keijzer, Jean Driessen, Ben Bulsink – UTwente

Stakeholders: Fashion Designer Hellen van Rees, MST, OCON, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Wearable Breathing Trainer

How can a product connect child, caretaker, and health worker?

A child with a respiratory disorder is often referred to a physical therapist who works with them to improve their breathing technique and educates them about self-assessment for dysfunctional breathing patterns. However, there is a lack of tools that can support children during breathing retraining, especially tools that can also guide and support caretakers and healthcare professionals in monitoring the long-term development of a child’s skills. This breathing trainer is made of robotic textile and equipped with sensor technology and LEDs, allowing it to detect and analyze respiratory disorders as well as provide real-time haptic and visual feedback during breathing retraining.