Rethinking Interaction

Designers: Ariëla van Elteren, Daniel Hesselman, Thomas Imhoff, Leonie Remmerswaal, Janita Siriseth, Caiseal Beardow, Willem van der Maden, Dan Shor, Linda Plaude, Martin Havranek, Jess Harcher-O’Brien – TU Delft
Coaches: Tomasz Jaskiewics, Derek Lomas


Feel the Vibe: Vibroacoustic Sound Healing 2.0

Can we communicate in ways that reach deeper than words or images?

Feel the Vibe is a whole-body interface that leverages vibroacoustic resonance as a communication medium. Visitors climb into a vibrating web, while other visitors pull on cables transmitting physical vibrations and Solfreggio sacred music. Designed in collaboration with Vibe Research Labs, this installation explores the future of sound healing, an ancient practice that remains popular in integrative medicine and yoga. Our work links sound healing to contemporary neuroscience, which is actively exploring the role of 40hz oscillations in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. What frequencies will resonate with visitors of DDW?