Rethinking Interaction

Eva van der Born – TU/e
Coaches: Mathias Funk, Joep Frens, Lenneke Kuijer, Joep Elderman, Lars Hallnas, Will Odom

Sound of a Smart Home

Can we get a qualitative sense of our connected ecosystems?

While smart devices and the data that they gather, compute, and report have brought us convenience, the way in which these devices communicate the status of a smart home is often via heavily quantified visual information displays. In contrast to the standard of a hypervigilant connected product, Sound of a Smart Home is a calm and unobtrusive object that provides a summary of the activity of all connected products within the home in the form of a unique, 20-second soundscape played every hour. By using sound as a medium, this project proposes an alternative, more intuitive way to experience your smart home as a whole and as an evolving ecosystem.